It's a damn cold night.

You gotta fall before fly.


Hello, if you are ever sad, just look up and picture Naruto telling you to believe in yourself.. Because you are strong, live on and dream big.


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“I’m standing in the bridge
I’m waitin in the dark
Tought you’d be here, by now…”

—   Avril Lavigne; I’m with you

Leggi "Love Story. - Fearless."

“I’m alone, On my own,
and that’s all I know
I’ll be strong, I’ll be wrong,
oh but life goes on
I’m just a girl, trying to find
a place in this world

—   Taylor Alison Swift

“This is the last straw
I don’t wanna hurt anymore
and you can tell me that you’re sorry
but I don’t believe you baby
Like I did before.”